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FBI nabs perverts!

This bit of news does not have anything to do with skepticality. However,this kind of thing gets me so worked up that I have to vent somehow!

The FBI has nabbed 14 Perverts who were part of a:

vast child exploitation enterprise” that included graphic images, such as ones showing toddlers engaged in various sexual and sadistic acts.

It may take years for authorities to find the victims, Tidwell told the AP, adding that 20 of the children seen in the images have been identified and rescued so far.

Now, as a skeptical humanist,I am generally against the death sentence, but I got to tell you it is cases like this one that really make you think twice about your convictions. I get so emotionally worked up that, for a moment, I support the death sentence. However, I still maintain that the right to life is an inalienable right and no one should have it taken away, not even these monsters.

So here is my suggestion. Take these bastards, find some remote, barren island in the middle of the ocean, neuter them so they can’t have kids and let them live the rest of their pathetic, miserable lives in isolation.

I believe that some crimes are so horrendous that the perpetrator effectively renounces his rights to be part of a civilized society and as such should be removed. Sexual exploitation of children is at the top of the list of such crimes. Anyone who perpetrates this sort of crime should be permanently removed from society. Since I cannot advocate the death penalty, I am proposing the “Remote Island” penalty. Let them die in squalor, devoid of anything society has offered them so far. Let them have no TV, no Internet, no running water, no cars, no radio, no telephone. Let them die like the animals that they really are.

I am quite a  libertarian myself, but I do draw the line somewhere. I dare any intelligent person to make a case for their rights, in light of the severity of their sick actions. They are savages and deserve to be treated as such.


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