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Nothing but air!

A recent study showed what most of us already knew, aromatherapy does not work, except for making a room smell different. Well to be fair the verdict applies only to lemon and lavender, so I can only say for sure that smelling lemon, or lavender, in the hopes of curing your ills is stupid. I guess you can continue smelling one of the thousand other “all natural” oils and potions. I would not have the science behind me to call that stupid….ah what the hell I’ll do it anyway. It’s stupid!

What I always found interesting is that only nice smells seem to be beneficial. You never see someone smelling their own feces to treat their headache, now do you? Here’s a statement: I claim that smelling feces will produce more of a physical reaction than any other aromatherapy product. They haven’t done any studies on this, but I predict these forthcoming studies will support my claim.

Disclaimer: I am being a bit unfair. After all this is only one study, and as any good scientist one study does not prove or disprove anything. However, on the other hand that is not a reason for proponents of pseudo-scientific theories to go on making their claims because “science has not disproved” them. It is up to those who make the claims to provide evidence to support these claims. Since no evidence has been provided so far, and since this first study, that I am aware of, shows nothing is there, I am inclined to make and stick by my original statement that “Aromatherapy is STUPID”.


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