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This is why Science WORKS!

To all those who maintain that science is just another faith-based system, that it is just as dogmatic as your local variety of nonsense, I say shut the hell up. Science works, and the reason why it works was demonstrated when, as reported by the NY Times:

A team of scientists including Linda B. Buck, who shared the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, has retracted a scientific paper after the scientists could not reproduce their original findings.

In the retraction, published by Nature on Thursday, the researchers said, “Moreover, we have found inconsistencies between some of the figures and data published in the paper and the original data. We have therefore lost confidence in the reported conclusions..

“It’s disappointing,” Dr. Buck, who is now at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, told the journal Nature in a news article about the retraction. “The important thing is to correct the literature.”

All the retards who maintain that science is dogmatic, that it is not open minded, that it clings to it’s theories in the face of contradictory evidence, need to pay special attention to that last sentence. The important thing is to correct the literature. Even if it means admitting you were wrong. Even if it means you must take back what you said before. That is what a real scientist does. This is science in action. Aren’t we all proud of it?

Now when was the last time that a religion, or other real dogmatic system, took something back voluntarily? When was the last time a religion said that it was more important to find out the truth than to stick by its, not so holy book? Never!


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