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Just legalize it already!

Why is prostitution still illegal in the US? It is the 21st century for God’s sake and we’re supposed to be a democratic country. Why is sex for money such a taboo? Why do people work so hard, spend so much time and energy to forbid something which, quite frankly, is none of their business? The NY Times in a recent article speaks about NY Governor Eliot Spitzer’s “war on prostitution”:

Prosecuting an international sex tourism business based in Queens, he listened to the entreaties of women’s advocates long frustrated by state laws that fell short of dealing with a sex trade expanding rapidly across borders.

And with his typical zeal, he embraced their push for new legislation, including a novel idea at its heart: Go after the men who seek out prostitutes.

Now the human rights groups, which credit him with what they call the toughest and most comprehensive anti-sex-trade law in the nation, are in shock. Mr. Spitzer stands accused of being one of the very men his law was designed to catch and punish.

The law, which went into effect Nov. 1, mainly deals with redefining and prosecuting forms of human trafficking, which Governor Spitzer called “modern-day slavery.”

Modern day slavery? Yes, but only because criminalizing it has pushed it into the hands of criminals. Instead of businessmen you have pimps running it. Workplace protections laws do not apply to prostitutes. There is no minimum wage, no paid holidays, no workers compensation, unemployment benefits, medical benefits, time off etc. etc.

Prostitution is dangerous to the women engaged in it, not because of any inherent property of the thing itself, but simply because of who is running it. And who is running it depends largely on the laws criminalizing it. It is the laws that are meant to protect the women that at the end of the day end up hurting them more.

We all wear sneakers. There still are factories in the third world where children are exploited and forced to work long hours under unacceptable conditions, and we wear the product they produce. Does that mean that sneakers should be illegal? That’s a form of modern day slavery as well, but just like prostitution it is not the fault of the product, it is the fault of who’s in charge of running the business. You can’t fix that problem by going after the people buying sneakers. And you cannot fix the prostitution problem by going after the people buying prostitution.

If someone was really interested in the health and well being of these women, they would decriminalize prostitution. They would make it a business just like anything else. The laws would apply. It would be regulated, controlled. There would be protection and security for the women. No more sex romps in back alleys, cars, or obscure motels. Certain standards would be reinforced. You take the business out of the shadows, out of the hands of criminals, and you take away all the risks that people today use to excuse this stupid law.

At the end of the day, prostitution is a moral issue. Some people find it immoral. Others don’t. Every one has the right to refuse to partake in such activities if they so choose. Every one should also have the right to participate. Morality cannot be legislated. It is immoral to force your moral beliefs on another human being. I want a strong government, but I want it to butt out of my bedroom. What I do with another, consenting, adult human being is no one else’s business.

Why is sex for money different from sex for jewels, for a promotion? Why is the exchange of money so problematic? There is no reason, no logical reason, for prostitution to be illegal. None whatsoever. I challenge anyone to come up with one good logical reason in the comments to this post. Why are one night stands ok, but a paid one night stand is not?

It is time we as a society stop being so judgmental. It is time for us to say enough is enough. I do not want the government to stick its nose where it don’t belong. I want it out of my personal life. I don’t want it wasting my money on anti-prostitution laws, anti gay marriage laws or any such stupid endeavors. It has more important things to worry about.

It is time we legalize prostitution.


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  1. Because feminists and religious fundies are so opposed to it. Honestly, marriage is legalized prostitution, just far more expensive. Spitzer’s wife is going to get many millions solely because she was having sex with him. How is that any different? How is dating any different? The man pays for the meals. Men buy women things, women have sex in return. Ever known a woman who does cocaine? You have no idea what they do to get cocaine. I knew a woman who would have group sex with complete strangers for cocaine. On the BBC they had a former drug addict on the show, and they completely ignored questioning on her how she actually go the drugs. I emailed the show, and they actually read the question, and she honestly answered that she would have sex in exchange for drugs…

    I say legalize prostitution. It’s always going to exist, it is after all, the oldest profession. Feminists think divorce settlements are a better form of payment, and religious nuts think sex is evil.

    Comment by steve | March 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. Steve,

    I do not agree with you that “marriage is legalized prostitution” idea. Prostitution is solely about sex, whereas in marriage sex is only one component, but I certainly see the point you’re making.

    Divorce settlements are a whole different kind of beast, and sex plays little to no role at all in them. Women are not rewarded money because of the sex “services” they provided to the man during their marriage, but because all the wealth the couple has amassed is presumed to have been equally earned. That’s too big a generalization of course, but in general the argument goes along those lines. So it is mostly an issue of economics.

    What you say about the “religious nuts” part is true. They do in fact demonize sex, and we’ve all seen the results of that. It feels like there are more priests abusing little kids than there are priests reading mass! Bunch a hypocrites !

    We must be careful not to be carried away by our emotions. I do not buy the “Men buy women things, women have sex in return” argument. I know many women in relationships, and none of them is in a relationship BECAUSE of the things the guy is getting her. Gift giving is part of the courting process. That is not a sex-for-profit kind of thing, like prostitution. What I was referring to in my post are the Anna Nicole Smiths of the world. There are plenty of those cases and those are not illegal even though the intent is clear. I mean,did anybody buy Anna’s “best sex of my life” with the 97 year old? I didn’t!

    Comment by Skepdude | March 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. Actually Skepdude, they actually sometimes do quantinfy the sexual value of marriage. For example, if someone kills your spouse, or disables them, in addition to a wrongful death (or if they survive, negligence or intential tort such as battery), people will also allege “loss of consortium” meaning to compensate the spouse for the reduction in sex as a result of one’s spouse becoming disabled or killed.

    I really do believe marriage is legal prostitution. I fyou think about Spitzer’s wife, she was harvard educated, a lawyer, and quit working, to completely rely on him providing for her. Do you really think a 17, 14, and 12 year old really needs a stay at home home? She didn’t work, she relied on him. I kind of view that is security and income in return for sex.

    Sure, maybe it’s not in direct exchange, but given virtually every friend of mine complains how they spend every cent they have on women, when songs come out like that Black Eyed Peas song, I forget the name, that Lady Lumps song, basically the chorus is “She’s got me spending”. It’s just a fact of life, you realize you need to do it, but it doesn’t take away from what it really is. It’s a socially accepted form of prostitution.

    The Anna Nicole smith thing isn’t as rare as you think, though of course the level of extremity isn’t that common. But it’s incredibly common for women to date/marry up. Where I live, many women will not even consider you if you make less than $150,000 a year. I wonder why income would mean so much to them if it’s really not a financial transaction for them?

    Comment by steve | March 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. I guess we aren’t going to agree on this. Sure Spitzer’s wife may have quit to rely on him to provide for her as you say. But do you really think that a Harvard educated lawyer would need to rely on anyone else for money or financial security? I kind of doubt that. Don’t forget most women continue to work after they get married. It is not the norm that a woman gets married and she stops working. If anything it is the exception. The one reason people DO NOT get married for is more sex. I mean a well to do guy making say $150,000 does not need a wife to get sex, the local bar or brothel will give him all the action he seeks.

    I do not know where you live. I live in NYC. I have never heard of poor guys not getting any! Poor guys are getting married left and right. They’re getting action left and right. People are social animals. The sex drive has been installed in us by evolution. The urge comes before money and economics.

    The way you seem to lump every relationship, be it marriage, dating, or prostitution, together you seem to imply that all and any sexual relations have a financial motive driving them. I simply cannot agree with that. Just because you’re spending money on your girlfriend or wife does not mean that’s the reason why they’re with you.

    I’ll give you that some marriages are just like prostitution. Yes, that happens all the time, as you pointed out the Ana Nicole Smith thing is not that rare. But again, that is not the norm.

    Income matters to women, and men too, because building a family is an expensive deal. I mean would you like to spend a long time with some bum who’s only going to drag you down? I don’t!

    Comment by Skepdude | March 13, 2008 | Reply

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