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Hilarious Parody of Christianity! Must See!

Thanks to Evolved and Rational for posting this video originally in their blog.


March 13, 2008 - Posted by | Funny, Religion |


  1. Well done. Now send that to all the money grabbing preachers on TV,

    I am speaking as a Christian too. What you see on TV is a perversion of the true faith. It is not what Jesus taught. Only when the TV guys get the point that they are creating a mockery of the faith, and then they lose money over it, maybe they will get the point.

    I am devoted to my faith, but my devotion has nothing to do with money. God does not need a money deal with me. He has my heart and my obedience. What I see on TV makes me hate what is going on. I stay home now, because my status in the church is linked to the oppressive tithe.

    So make your mockery known. They do not listen to fellow Christians, who are non – materialistic. The money guys look down on us as “cursed.”

    Feel free to visit my site too. You will see that I address issues that are wrong and need to be fixed. Also, any information I offer is FREE….because God’s love is not for sale..


    Comment by Marianne | March 14, 2008 | Reply

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