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Discovery Institute Summer Seminars

The Discovery Institute is organizing “intensive” summer seminars on :”intelligent design, science, and culture from July 11-20, 2008 in Seattle. The first seminar is for students in the natural sciences and philosophy of science; the second seminar is for students in the social sciences and humanities (including politics, law, journalism, and theology). Both seminars are designed for highly-motivated college students who seek a deeper understanding of science and its implications for society“.

Wow, a science seminar organized by the DI. That’s akin to the bank robbers giving a seminar on bank security, while wearing their ski masks.

I guess they will not be talking about ID the whole 9 days. All you need is 9 seconds to sum up ID. I am too lazy/stupid/indoctrinated to do any real work. Therefore I prescribe everything to an Intelligent Daddy. Puff, done! Now give me equal time in the classroom…it’s only fair. I really don’t understand why I’m being Expelled.

No Intelligence Allowed huh? No shit!


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