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Please support “The Skeptologists”

A new skeptical show is in the making. The pilot for “The Skeptologists” is being wrapped up as we speak. The show is the brainchild of Brian Dunning of the “Skeptoid” podcast fame. The cast includes among others, Steven Novella, Michael Shermer, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomer fame etc. With such a cast it has got to be something great.

But, they need our help. Once they wrap up the pilot, they will start pitching it around to TV execs. That’s where you and I come in. We can help by sending an e-mail to and explain why we would see a skeptical, critical thinking show. For more details please visit The Skeptologists Facebook page.

I already send my e-mail. The main body of my e-mail follows below. Please take a few minutes and do the same.

I am writing to support the pilot of “The Skeptologist” and the idea of a skeptical show in general.

Personally, I think that a show about skepticism, critical thinking and science is much needed now a day. Only a few days ago we read the news about the little girl who died when her parents refused to take her to the hospital and relied on prayers instead. Currently, horrible details about the Texas cult are coming out, and it’s nothing nice to hear. Could the little girl have been saved if her parents had had the chance to see a critical thinking show? Probably not.Her parents were too indoctrinated. They would have simply switched the channel. But, what about the people that are on the fence? What about the ones that can still be saved? That alone is reason enough to pick up the show.

Furthermore, I am tired of seeing shows about a bunch of losers going around abandoned buildings, flicking their flashlights on and off and proclaim they just “proved” the existence of a ghost. I am tired of seeing frauds claim they are contacting dead people on TV. I am tired of seeing shows about mediums helping the police solve cases.TV is a very important medium to disperse information. And now a days, misinformation is attacking us on TV from all sides. With a few exceptions, we are passively allowing this to happen.

Furthermore, there are millions of freethinkers, and critical thinkers in America. The audience for such a show is huge, assuming it is alloted a favorable slot in the weekly programs.

I hope my words are helpful, and I really hope to see “The Skeptologist” on prime-time TV very, very soon.


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