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Richard Dawkins’ open letter to Expelled “victim”

Michale Shermer, who is featured in the “Expelled:No intelligence allowed” crap shoot, received an angry letter from a Jew who had apparently just seen the above mentioned crap shoot. He then forwarded this letter to Richard Dawkins, who is also featured in Expelled. Mr. Dawkins has posted an open letter to the angry Jew on his website. I recommend you read it.  Now you will forgive me if I don’t feel to badly about the “victim” for he is mostly a victim of his own stupidity and laziness. Anyone who is really interested in the subject would at least try to do a Google search on it and see what the controversy is all about, before they start sending stupid angry letters around. Had he taken the minor effort he would have come upon the Expelled Exposed website, where he could have gotten some facts about the ridiculous claims Mr. Stein makes.But, hey not everyone is used to thinking on their own.


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