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This is why science is superior to superstition

LiveScience reports on a new prosthetic hand currently being tested.

A new prosthetic hand uses individually movable fingers to hold a credit card, use a keyboard and lift a heavy bag.

Unlike similar models that allowed gripping with just the thumb and one or two fingers, the i-LIMB allows a user to grab something with all five. It also feels softer and more natural than the typically hard prosthetics of old, its maker says.

Flexible hydraulic drives are located directly in the movable finger joints, and the prosthetic hand gives feedback to the user’s stump, enabling the amputee to sense the strength of the grip.

Granted, this is still being tested, and it costs over $17,000, and who knows it may never pan out. However, the simple fact that science can give us something like this kind of takes your breath away. Religion gives people hope. Science gives them hope and a prosthetic limb or hand which behaves and feels as close to the real thing as possible. And who knows where the future is headed. Gotta love Science!


April 24, 2008 - Posted by | Science |

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