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Investigating Atheism

Atheism is a hot word. Society has attached all kinds of negative meanings to it. It is unquestionable that saying you’re an atheist sounds like you’re accepting there’s something wrong with you. It should not be that way, but that’s the way it is. Thus the movement to try and re-brand us by either trying to change the public understanding of what atheism is or by using a brand new word, such as bright.  In the first camp I was introduced, just a few minutes ago, to a website I was not aware existed. The website in question is called

I was directed to this website via a posting on, an excellent website itself, so I expect teh quality to be high at as well. As I said, it was only a few minutes ago that I visited the site. I printed out lots of stuff to read on the subway, so I can’t tell you what my feelings about the website are until I’ve read whatever it has to say, but if Richard Dawkins suggests it, then it must be good (with a reasonable allowance for error/disagreement of course. Even Richard can’t be blindly trusted all the time!).


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In uterus Jesus!

Holy uterus! Jesus has shown up in a woman’s ultrasound. Of course she was surprised:

“I was shocked like really,” said Sledge.

Like really? I would feel personally violated myself, but that’s my heathen self.

“I was expecting to see little body parts,” said Smith. “Like a face, arms and legs.” But instead she too saw the image of Jesus on the cross.
“As soon as I saw it I was like oh my gosh.”

The baby girls legs are completely extended and straight in the photo, which resembles Jesus’ arms stretched out on the cross.

Her developing knees look like Jesus’ head with a crown of thorns.

Sledge said she also found it weird that when you turn the picture sideways, “her legs are perfectly crossed at the ankles, like Jesus’ legs would be nailed on the cross.”

Isn’t pareidolia fun!

She embraced the picture as a positive message from above.

“People say maybe my baby is gonna be blessed and maybe it is a good sign,” said Sledge. “I don’t know, I’ve done wrong in my life, maybe he’s forgiven me early.”

Big sister Smith agreed.

Ah the self delusion. The “God cares about me” even though I don’t deserve it bullshit. But hey, big sister Smith agrees. Now, please excuse me but I must leave, go outside, look at the clouds, and get my very own positive message from above (or below for all we know!)

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