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Expelled and “Academic Freedom” bill slamed by the Wall Street Journal!

Yet another negative article for Mr. Stein and the hordes of morons that give him standing ovations (according to….Mr. Stein himself.). This one is at the Wall Street Journal. I’m actually being unfair to Mr. Stein, but that’s only because I can’t stand him. The article actually only mentions Expelled as a new creationist tactic and it mostly criticizes the “Academic Freedom” bills that have been sprouting like worms after rain lately. If you have been reading the new you may have heard that Florida recently shot one of these dead in the water (but only on a technicality, they’re going on summer vacation. It is probable it the bill will be resurrected when they come back, nice and tanned!) . Here’s a sampling of what you can find if you follow the link above and head over to the Wall Street Journal site.

They have spent years working school boards, with only minimal success. Now critics of evolution are turning to a higher authority: state legislators.

In a bid to shape biology lessons, they are promoting what they call “academic freedom” bills that would encourage or require public-school teachers to cast doubt on a cornerstone of modern science.


The common goal: To expose more students to articles and videos that undercut evolution. Most of this material is produced by advocates of intelligent design or Biblical creationism, the belief that God created man in his present form.

The legislative push builds on an emerging strategy developed by conservative Christians who consider evolution ungodly and a small group of scientists who find it implausible.

In the scientific community, while there may be debate about the details, the grand sweep of evolution is unassailable. “There’s no controversy,” said Jay Labov, a senior adviser for education and communication with the National Academy of Sciences.

Nice. This is the kind of writing that almost makes me subscribe to the WSJ. But then I remember that there are plenty of good news sources out there and I don’t. News should be free, don’t you think?


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