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Aliens are going to invade us!

So says, Mr. Zaitsev of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics in Moscow, Russia. According to this fruit cake:

No matter how quiet we try to be now it’s too late to prevent alien invaders.

For 40 years, astronomers have fired microwaves off objects to chart near-Earth space and track the movement of close asteroids – and these signals are traceable back to us.

Should I sell everything I have and go hide in a cave somewhere?


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  1. Alien UFOS with TWO Different Sides regarding Earth
    The Story I never wanted to write but feel it is now time
    By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

    When I am a seeker I am searching on the outside, and when I am a seer I am searching on the inside. I am a master guide. Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

    We are those who live on a planet that have two factions of sentient intelligent being factions or alliances working and possibly warring above us in space. Not only do we now have to deal with changes on planet earth but, we are now becoming aware of just how insignificant we really are as a species on earth. Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

    This is the article of which I have dreaded writing. But, it is time now to share what I have learned. I am a writer, a journalist, an Investigative reporter. I also, am different from some in the respect that I have had alien encounters and have also left my body during two near death experiences that have left me with more questions than answers.

    For this reason, I began a path of searching and researching. Not only did I learn about myself and what makes me about sharing what I know with others, but, I learned that there are others who want to know more about me while I am learning about them too. It’s a process of learning and becoming aware of not just my inside but my outside. This is where it gets scary because I am becoming aware the more I share the more people want to know not just about what I know but about me personally. I am not sure why or how this whole system works on earth but, I am willing to learn. I am different and yet the same or so I am lead to believe in my soul where I believe the real part of us exists.

    As I grow, it seems that so does the world around me. Maybe that is not the best explanation of how my life really is and maybe this is the perception of my conceptions.
    I began writing investigations for a living while in college. I was actively recruited. I learned to survive by making a living out of observing and listing findings-of-facts, and then adding my opinion. My clients were insurance agencies, attorneys at law, and some factions of government. I took a seven year break and drove a truck around the USA.

    Then I went back to writing because I missed the focus and the challenge of investigations. When I returned to writing, I learned that the Internet was available and now I could write for websites other than my own. This lead to my introduction to Dirk Vander Ploeg and the UFO Digest, and the American Chronicle which each have me in their syndication process now as an author. Now, I have a following of loyal readers and pick up new ones that need to know the whole story and not just one article they have found of mine. It is perplexing to say the least on how to please everyone and yet no one.
    The “all” of who we all belong is the Akashic Field in the Unified Field of Origin. That is a mouth full and there are many that want to know what I know. But, the human beings of earth can be really impatient. Not just me but others around me who read my writings.

    Therefore, I really have to use my gray matter and decide that I best tell this story myself. I usually just haphazardly attack my articles as a channel and let whatever words come fall where they may without any editing or desiring to change the energy as it flowed from me as a channel or receiver of what I would share with others regarding the UFO community and genre or niche market for words. I was taught that birds of a feather flock together and our flock has some really strange birds. I am speaking of the flock of sentient intelligent being species of which we are a part of as categories go in this universe.

    I am now learning to break down the “all” into those who are all a part of the creators known as sentient intelligent beings species. Some on earth do not even believe there are creators and some person who once lived on earth Darwin has made a mess of things on earth. This man who once lived decided in his time on earth that we must be oozing from a past without a creator or higher intelligence. But, there are many who do not buy the whole story we have been told in the Bible, Koran, and other codexes, scrolls, texts, books kept on earth in languages by scribes of the past. So, who and what do we believe?

    We each have to do our own research and this includes me and anyone reading this article. We are all the same when it comes to becoming aware of our own selves, cells, and our associations with other beings of like kind on earth and on other planets and other galaxies. I am a part just like everyone else. I am a seeker and a seer at times. Depending on what I desire to know and share. When I am a seeker I am searching on the outside, and when I am a seer I am searching on the inside. This is the reason for the explanation.
    I am searching on the inside of me for the words to share on the outside which makes me both the seeker and the seer at one time and this is a very analytical form of writing.

    Some people are wanting to know where I get my information. I obtain it the same way anyone else does I imagine. I search and research and I ask for guidance and for experience. I receive both. One is developed on the inside and one is developed on the outside. There is so much to know and so much to share. We are all a part of the all. For now, let me share what I know about the aliens and UFOs that are one of my favorite topics of conversation. I may be considered a specialist in my field because of my expert adventures on and off earth which sounds quite unbelievable to most beings on earth. If you care to read further then you are going to have to incorporate some trust which is hard for a skeptic and I am a skeptic. I want science to lead me where my spirit takes me, and the other way around. I want my spirit to lead me where science takes me. I think this will explain perfectly what I am going to share about the aliens and UFOS that I know about.


    Then said he unto them, therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, which bringeth forth our of his treasure things new and old. The parable of the hidden treasure. In Matthew of the Bible. Books are filled with real truth and information. Some books are colored with the language styles of the time. My words are now in the language and style of my time. There is no way to tell if they will be around thousands of years from now, but I feel they are truth.
    There are several different types of alien UFO aircrafts. There are two factions or alliances that I am aware of at this time on earth. Besides the ones that are our own from on earth and created by terrestrials, there are those who are not of earth and are considered celestials. The beings that are celestials have always been for as long as I know of regarding what we think of as time on earth. Some can learn of our past by reading codexes, books, scrolls, scripts, ancient scriptures, and learn of our past on earth for themselves. Some have to hope that they can find the new information out on their own path of enlightenment. I am one of those who stores both old and new information.
    I am one who has both stored in my own DNA and also, I am one who finds out the new.


    There are two different factions or alliances that are of the celestial nature of beings who are far more intelligent than we here on earth. We are simply a minor younger less significant race of sentient intelligent beings known as the human race or the humanoid kind. Right now, I am going to speak of only two alliances in space that people want to know about and are asking me to please enlighten them on this topic. I have been told that some know parts of the truth but they do not want to touch this subject. This could be the reason for all the secrecy among governments on earth. They may know part of the truth but not all and this is an embarrassing situation to say the least. No one on earth likes to admit that we do not know something.

    So, when we do not know or we doubt our findings we simply say, that is classified in the government circles, and most of the topics of aliens and UFOS are classified. I would venture to say that all is classified at least when it comes to the United States if one works for the government and I do not. I once did years ago but I got out in 1993. So, fifteen years later, most of what I know, I have learned on my own. That is with a love, passion, persistence, and endurance in life and for life on earth with others while making my own way and my own path with my own experiences and findings of my own searching and researching. I did not take notes along the way since I did not plan on sharing as I came along my own path. This means that most of what I know is in my head, the brain, the gray matter is where the knowledge is housed now. So, take it or leave it. It does not matter to me. I am a loving and caring individual and I do not share this for monetary gain. I share this because I have had others on earth asked me to share what I know.


    There are several different species in space. There are two alliances.
    One is to aid earth in it’s infancy.
    Second exploits earth because of our infancy.

    These two alliances share different species.
    One – the alliance of species that abducts are the ones that are exploiting earthlings. This alliance of alien species to earth will take people from earth, take our minerals, and are trying to get allies of earth.

    Second – The one that protects earth is also trying to get allies on earth and I am one of them. This one is to aid earth during the change without really affecting our evolutionary process as our own sentient intelligent being humanoid species. This one observes and tries to keep the exploiters in check but, we do not do a very good job of it. So, I am a friend. My inter-galaxy friends are also allies to earth and it’s inhabitants.

    Every once in awhile, we have skirmishes among ourselves above earth. The allies that I and my husband are a part of are trying to observe and associate with the kinder spirits who believe that we are created in our Supreme Beings images, such as God and Christ. I know that is hard for some to accept but, the truth for my husband and I we will not sway from our own belief system when it comes to the Supreme Beings and the Hierarchy.

    Every once in a while, the ones we are in alliance with have a skirmish with the ones who want to exploit earth’s inexperience and ignorance as sentient beings. We do what we can to stop exploiters from coming to earth, rounds are fired in space and it doesn’t amount to anything although some may be killed.

    There are several different types of aircraft that are used. Some are large and we call these mother ships on earth, and some are carriers, some are battle ships, some are troop carriers, and some are simply fighters. Some are large and some are small. The main one resembles the stealth bomber that we have created for earth. It is a small configuration. However, the alliance that exploits earth uses several of the flying saucer types of aircraft.

    I have a gene as does my husband that makes the aircrafts work. The U.S. government knows this. I cannot go any further no this topic due to it may crouch onto classified information and until I know for sure, I cannot share what makes us different. I know that our own government knows that we are different and that the aliens know that we are different. I can only say that I refer to us as alien hybrids for lack of better words. But, I refer to us as the good guys and the other faction as the bad guys. Why, because they take people against their will and cause havoc no earth with their games.

    Unfortunately, the exploit faction, the faction that exploits earth has the capabilities the same as we do. They can use communication telepathically and on occasions they will implant memories, ideas, dreams, and other thoughts into a human to observe. This is to see what the human will do with the information.

    This is an attempt to research the information given and how the primitive human being responds to the influence and programming by another higher intelligent species. It sounds hard but, one becomes a human lab rat for these exploiters. The information one may obtain may be accurate although one may feel they are going crazy or what some refer to as nuts. Some actually commit suicide and some simply become mentally ill.
    Some may become aware of other presences and some may imagine things that are not real. There are many humans that deal with these types of delusions anyway. So, how does one deal with the possibilities of not engaging with these certain aliens or exploiters?

    Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to reverse the procedures given at this time. They do not have to beam you up to the ship to influence you. Some simply fly over and effect the dreams of human beings on earth. Some will simply abduct do experiments and then put the humans back on earth to watch what happens to the human being. There are ways to observe that are much more advanced than our own global positioning system on earth. There are ways that are not even thought of on earth that are thousands of years old.

    These exploiters can influence one’s dreams, and they can do it telepathically. The only thing that my superior can tell me to share with others is that you if you feel you are being visited then you probably are. You are not imagining and you are not nuts.

    All I can tell others is that the faction that is our allies on earth are working on this situation to see if there is a way to reverse the damage done to earth’s population at this time. There are some who want the earth to continue without the interference of the exploiters.

    There are some that are realizing that there are good and bad alliances above earth and some can see in space when a skirmish occurs. This is when the good alliance, is trying to keep the bad alliance from coming to earth to exploit earthlings. We do what we can to keep the alien visitors from entering the earth’s atmosphere. We, my husband and I have our jobs to do. My husbands is to lead and assist the alliance in space as necessary and mine is to communicate what I know and understand with my small human mind to others who want to know. I now know that as an alien hybrid that this is part of my job. This is not a paid job but an ethical one that I have agreed to by accepting the truth.

    Comment by TJ Thurmond Morris | May 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. The design and creation of Earth’s core was and is more than just a random creation of nature. From the beginning Earth’s core was Intelligently Designed and purposed for a specific celestial function …. and has now begin a timely predestined shift of it’s mantle plates in the ‘at first’ gradual return back to it’s original function … this has been referred to as a tectonic event …. Such regressing changes are those which has off-sit increasing earthquakes, rising surface temperature, and increasing temperature changes in ocean and sea floors which will continue heating up until all such waters reach boiling degrees and began to evaporate …. . BUT THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING !. The mantled core will return to such a heated state until the very surface and crust of Earth’s surface will peel away from the core as one would peal off the hull of an orange and cast it into space …. The Core of this Planet will become once again a temporary supper-heated source similar to that which scientist knew had to exist, but didn’t understand where it came from, or what it actually was that cause the accumulation of cosmic element unto the combustion of that big bang …. This in a much much smaller since makes our solar system ground zero for a very special work which will soon take place …. Earth’s Core Facility will not be working alone…. I‘m just an Old Soul passing through, with something important to say ….
    Never miss an answer for Today’s Mystical Concerns All Around Us;
    Planet X, UFOs, reptilian colonies, celestial colonies, Lucifer, rapture,
    Beelzebub, Satan, inseminated babies, clones, earth’s core ignites,
    register as a friend … ask questions … leave comments …or email me

    Comment by SoD | May 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. TJ Thurmond,

    That’s too long a comment for anyone to read through. Copying and pasting stuff from the internet does not make you a commenter, it makes you a spammer. Too bad that I respect free speech, otherwise I would have to delete your post. Guys like you don’t even allow comments on their websites.

    But be warned, this sort of behavior will not be tolerated. I will not allow people like you to derail my blog by copying and pasting articles from whatever screwed up websites you read. If I see you do this again, your comments will simply be deleted.

    If you want to comment on what I say feel free. But don’t forget it takes one mouse click for me to put all comments on moderation and your rantings will then never see the day of light in this blog.

    Comment by Skepdude | May 6, 2008 | Reply

  4. And that warning applies to you SoD. Don’t think you’re going to get free publicity. If you want to comment, comment on what I said, don’t start advertising your messed up websites. Remember, this is my blog.

    Comment by Skepdude | May 6, 2008 | Reply

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