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Oh the stupidity!

If acupuncture didn’t have a bad enough record, this guy is sticking needles in ….Portland…THE CITY!!!

Acupuncture is not just for people. It’s also for cities — if the city is Portland.

Adam Kuby has stuck a 23-foot needle into the ground down by the Willamette River and hopes to plant more, choosing locations where he figures the city’s “chi,” or vital energy, needs some help.

Among the latest additions to the panoply of Portland’s oddities are Adam Kuby’s giant needles. An artist who arrived from New York four years ago, Kuby says the acupuncture project is an attempt to get people to see the city in a holistic way.

“It is a visual way of expressing what a lot of people already know,” said Kuby. The city is “one organism, one body, one very complex, independent system.”

Let’s see, the city is an organism, it has “chi” and they’re sticking giant needles where some guy figures the city needs them. And it’s not clear: is it art or acupuncture? He sounds a little confused himself. Maybe it’s both. Maybe acupuncture is no better than bad art! Scratch out the maybe.

Oh teh stooopidity!


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