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French fries? Freedom fries? How about Christy fries?

The holy cross has appeared yet again, this time in a potato!

Birgül Balta, 49, was cutting potatoes for French fries at her home in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district when the cross-shaped cavity inside one of the spuds stopped her cold.

“There was a strange sort of crackling sound like pressure was being released. When she opened it she found that – two perfect crosses,” Balta’s husband, Robert White, told The Local.

A strange crackling sound! Pressure being released! Don’t all potatoes make such sound when you cut them? I don’t know, I’m no potato expert. But, don’t you just love it how something so mundane becomes so significant, if you just believe?

“They all wanted to see the holy potato,” her 21-year-old son Basar Körg told the Morgenpost. “One woman even drank some of the water around it. Another wanted my mother to bring the potato to her apartment for good luck.”


Balta said she views the potato as a sign – whether or not there is a natural explanation for the cross symbol.

“Miracles play a huge role in Islam as well, and I believe in them,” she said, adding that she had the potato shrink-wrapped at her corner butcher shop to preserve it.

Now wait just a minute! She’s muslim. The cross is definitely not! What the hell? Do you think she’s just milking it for all it’s worth. Of course not. How could this be! No wait:

The couple’s son has set up a blog dedicated to the potato, which White said the family may sell on eBay.

Ha ha. They’re already thinking of the money! Isn’t it funny how all these supposed miracles somehow turn to cash? Didn’t the grill cheese Mary sell for a little under $30,000 on eBay as well? And what is god’s obsession with food stuff? Why can’t lightning hit in the middle of a baseball stadium while a game is going on, leave all the players unhurt and produce a stone tablet similar to the one Moses got in the christian myth? Now that would be much more convincing than a cross like structure inside a potato!

Ah damn all this excitement made me spill my yogurt. I got to clean it up. Oh oh wait……the spill…….it looks like Noah’s ark! I gotta go…


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