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Malaysia to teach sex ed!

Malaysia, the conservative muslim country, is considering teaching sex education to its high school graduates.

Authorities in the conservative, Muslim-majority nation are considering teaching sex education to teenagers when they undergo national service after leaving school, Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil, director general of the National Service Department, said Wednesday.

Ng Yen Yen, the minister who announced the proposal, was quoted by the national news agency, Bernama, as saying that sex education, including lectures about preventing AIDS, could shield youngsters from unhealthy activities. Ng’s aide confirmed the minister made the comments Tuesday.

Adeeba Kamarulzaman, president of the Malaysian AIDS Council, said Wednesday that students receive inadequate information about sex in public schools, which generally only teach basic facts about reproduction during science courses.

Well done Malaysia. It is fascinating to draw the comparison between a conservative muslim country which is doing, or at least contemplating doing, the right thing and America, with it’s current government’s insistence on ignorance and abstinence only programs. It makes people reconsider their pre-concived notions about Islam. It really is not worse than christianity or judaism. At the end of the day, people do evil things. An evil philosophy can be harmless if people were not inclined to do evil things.


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