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Illegal immigrants break 1,000 year-old ban…on women

Well, almost 1,000 year-old. Four Moldovan women illegal immigrants were dropped off in the peninsula of mount Athos, which apparently is monastery territory which has a standing ban on women being on premises, dating back to the year 1,045.

They told police they had sailed from Turkey after paying $6,300 to two Ukrainian people smugglers, but were unaware they were breaking Greek law.

The Greeks actually have a law, on the books, prohibiting vaginas from entering mount Athos? Weird!

Under Greek law, breaching the ban can lead to a jail sentence.

Women – even many female domestic animals – have not been allowed on the mountain since a decree banning women was issued by Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomachos in 1045.

But, thankfully the story had a happy ending. The women were “forgiven” by the monks. Yeah, I get it, I would get really irritated if I was spending all my time alone in some island/peninsula with a bunch of other guys, and four women happened to drop by.

That aside, isn’t it funny to get in trouble due to a law issued in 1,045? I find that fascinating, even though it looks as though the Greeks aren’t taking that law too seriously themselves, and kudos to them for that.


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