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Let the lesbians kiss!

A lesbian couple kissing during a baseball game was approached by a stadium usher and told to stop it because their display of affection was offending other people.

But last week, a lesbian complained that an usher at Safeco Field asked her to stop kissing her date because it was making another fan uncomfortable.

As the Mariners played the Boston Red Sox on May 26, Sirbrina Guerrero and her date were approached in the third inning by an usher who told them their kissing was inappropriate, Guerrero said.

Ok, I don’t know if they were smooching, frenching or what. I don’t know how much they did or did not do. However, the article refers to it as a regular kiss, nothing out of the ordinary, the kind of thing that wouldn’t even be noticed if engaged in by a heterosexual couple. Obviously I think there are certain levels of decency that should not be ignored, but those rule are to be applied equally to ALL COUPLES.

And notice how their kissing was making “another fan” uncomfortable. Another fan, as in singular! So why is this person’s comfort more important that two other people’s rights? It isn’t! What if it was a racially mixed couple kissing? Would we expect the same reaction? Why stop at lesbians? Why not blacks? Latinos? Asian’s? Oh but that would be politically incorrect, see?

People don’t have the right to trample other people’s rights just because they don’t like what they see. Human rights are more important than personal tastes and comforts. The usher should be ashamed for doing what he did, and the fan does not belong in America but some cave with Osama Bin Laden! Gays and lesbians have as much rights as any other human beings, no more , no less! Stupid, self-righteous, stone age, morons need to get their head out of their but and realize that all humans enjoy the same rights. And that’s a law of nature!


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