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Iran to employees: Marry or go home!

BBC News reports that:

Single workers at one of Iran’s major state-owned companies have been told to marry by September or face being fired, Iranian newspapers have reported.

Being married is a job requirement, a directive from the company is reported as saying.

Soon enough their crazy ass president is going to proclaim that “Iran has no unmarried young men” just like he claimed in regards to gays when he gave a talk at Columbia a few months back. This sort of stuff makes you be glad that we live in the country we live in. I mean, it’s not perfect, but hell at least our State is not forcing us to choose between our jobs and our celibate lives.

As if the state meddling with such personal affairs wasn’t bad enough listen to the reason behind such action.

Correspondents say the ruling appears to be an attempt to reduce the number of prostitutes working in the area.

Being married reduces prostitution? What planet do these guys live in? Did they not pay attention to the Elliot Spitzer scandal? Plus they don’t even make that claim. They are trying to reduce the number of prostitutes in the area. I don’t really see how that’s going to happens, especially since that profession does not require its employees to be married.

Its directive, according to the Etemad newspaper, says that despite requests “some of our colleagues did not fulfil their commitments and are still single”.

It continues: “As being married is one of the criteria of employment, we are announcing for the last time that all the female and male colleagues have until September 21 to go ahead with this important and moral religious duty.”

Wow, your employer and your government double teaming to force you to comply with your religious duties. Talk about need for separation of mosque and state. These guys don’t even know what that means. Ah, the self righteous, so dangerous and vicious when in power.


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