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First Name: In God – Last Name: I’m with Stupid

In God is currently driving a bus, literally. Bus driver, formerly known as Steve Kreuscher, has legally changed his name to “In God We Trust”.

A Lake County judge granted permission to the Zion man Friday to officially change his name to “In God We Trust.” That’s “In God” as a first name and “We Trust” as a last name.

Ok, I guess I’m ok with stupid people labeling themselves for the rest of us to know. I am sure there is something blasphemous about this as well, you know the whole “taking the name of the lord in vain” kinda thing. But what really bothers me is that this thing was allowed to happen, and it took a whole 2 minutes!

The entire process before Judge David Hall took less than two minutes, but We Trust said he was quite nervous.

Well, actually the whole application process took about 3 months, but the judge made up his mind in 2 minutes, and it only cost $600.

The process to change his name took roughly three months.

The really sad thing is that if another person had applied to have their name changed to “God is dead” he would most likely be denied, and that’s almost as good as fact! Unfortunately there is a double standard in the US today, which we need to shake off.

Now let’s end this in a light note:

Throughout the course We Trust said he was looking for a sign from God that would let him know it was a good idea. He got it one day while adding up the expenses for the name change, which came out to roughly $600.

“I didn’t want to use my own money because things are tight,” said the father of four. “Three weeks later, I got my (tax) rebate check for $600.”

I would like to know how much is “roughly $600” because ironic as life is I think it would be hilarious if this amount was closer to $666 than $600. Wouldn’t that be a nice sign?


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  1. tyhgjtygflkhf

    Comment by tyhgjtygflkhf | September 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. This story is so ironic. Not too long ago, Chief Judge David Hall was arrested for OWI…. M A Y B E Judge Hall was a little tipsy when he granted this “name change”?? Or maybe Judge Hall took his oath seriously and granted this “name change” because there was nothing illegal about it.

    Come on now. Just because the former Mr. Kreuscher decided to show either his Patriotism for America or his trust in his higher Power, who are you to Judge….(no pun intended).

    In God must have a serious and very real devotion to either the Dollar bill or the guy Above. Either way you look at it, you just made Mr. We Trust the target of some serious heckling from all the Helmet wearing, token Giving, watermellon carrying, no car having People that ride his bus. I sure hope Mr. We Trust doesn’t end up up like the bus drivers in Milwaukee that have taken some serious blows in the past few months.

    Lastly, but not the bit leastly, I hope that the Name we all wear to identify ourselves is a name that INvokes trust, love, compassion, and strength. My name is Martin – the God of Tin, Mr. We Trust’s name is In God, the God of the In. If you add a “T” to the “In” you got TIN. Maybe, just maybe, tin is the common demonitor we should be looking into. (I am pretty sure that the demon that possessed the girl in the “Exorcist” was named TIN)…:)

    Whatever, I just came upon your blog because of a Google Analytic I ran on my site and I noticed that I get more hits from the search for “Judge David Hall” than I do for Illuminatti Conspiracy Theories. So I searched Judge Hall and You were number two. lol lol lol

    Comment by Bionic | September 24, 2008 | Reply

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