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Is Islam a peaceful religion?

Yesterday I posted a video at my other blog, Video Skepdude which attracted an angry reply, which in turn made it necessary that I post my own reply.  Here is the original angry reply by an offended muslim reader

truefaith, on June 29th, 2008 at 12:19 am Said:

you actually are the most stupid man,,you judge the religion by the people, the peaceful is the religion not the people,,you are such a fucking atheist that dont have any faith(same as animal) or even a religious man that has extreme envious in islam..!!!

To which I replied:


Yes I judge things by the actions of it’s representatives. If you had really read my comments carefully, I said that Islam can indeed become a peaceful religion, but it’s not there yet. Take a look at most countries where Islam meddles with the state. How do those countries fare when it come to human rights? How can a religion whose prophet had sex with a 9 year old be peaceful, if it does not condemn such behavior? I belive Turkey is one of the few countries where Islam has advanced in the right direction.

Don’t forget all religions incite violence. The Bible and the Quran are full of violent passages. As such there is no peaceful religion. The only difference is that some religions advance to a point where they know they must ignore certain passages. Unfortunately Islam is not there yet. It may be quite close if there are people like you who think it is not violent, but it is not there yet.So you are wrong when you say that religion is peaceful and people are violent. People are the only ones who are violente OR peaceful. Religion is a source of violence!

Now instead of being mad at me for calling it as I see it, you should be mad at the people that make your faith look so bad. Those are the ones you should fight, not literally, not me. I am sorry but with all the terrorist acts, the beheadings, the bombings, the genital mutilations, the inhumane treatment of women, there is but one conclusion to be reached. Islam is still a middle age religion. It is violent. It is contrary to any human instinct of justice and fairness.

You are correct when you say that I have no faith. I don’t need it. I believe in myself, the human race. I have no need for Sky Daddy, especially not one that condones the raping of little girls, by grown ass men. Those are the men that should be hanged, if you ask me.

And by the way no person on Earth is envious of, or in, Islam. You betray the limits of your own intelligence when you make such a statement.

I would like to hear from people. What do you think? Is there such thing as a peaceful religion? I would appreciate it if you limit your comments to Islam and Christianity. Thanks.


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  1. Examples of peaceful religions:
    – The Amish
    – Quakers

    I think the common factor with peaceful religions is that they’re small. I don’t think it’s possible to have a large religion which is peaceful.
    The reason being that you can’t get large whilst being peaceful. It’s not possible to conquer.

    Plus, if you are large, then you’re going to have non-peaceful people in your midst, due to the fact that a certain percentage of people are just wankers. And when you’re bigger, you can’t excommunicate such people as easily.

    Comment by Gib | June 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. I think the reason peaceful religions can’t get large is that it isn’t human nature to be peacful. Peacefulness is something which society has to press upon people, and even then there will always be insane people. As long as societies are based upon a religion like christianity or islam, there will be no capability of forming a mostly peaceful society. These religions nurture hate.

    I think the mormon faith is actually quite peaceful. I plan to read the book of mormon sometime to see if it has any violence in it. Does anyone know? The book of mormon is supposed to be an update to the bible to make sure all of those crazy passages aren’t taken too seriously in today’s world.

    Comment by Hjorrdis | June 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. Plus, that guy’s comment isn’t very peaceful, is it? He could start by setting a good example.

    Comment by Hjorrdis | June 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. talk , talk, talk, it’s only talk.
    every platform of existence in this world is a system of negotiations between stability and instability.
    we need peace to grow up in and build what is planned. violence is necessary to renew vigor and allow the process to begin anew. every major accomplishment requires some kind of violence. when we begin to write or formulate a plan don’t we brainstorm? then we begin the slow arduous task of ordering things and assembling things. peace is not nor can not be constant because it is a state subject to decay as is every other state.
    you cannot love good without hating evil. the problem is no one can quite agree what is good or what is evil.
    the new testament says that pure religion and undefiled before God is this, to visit the fatherless and the widows in their afflictions and to keep ones self unspotted from the world. all that came before is referred to as a school master designed to bring us to this.
    the beauty of holiness is not about making the world conform to your standards but about continual openness to reality and the humility to face it on its own terms.
    the kingdom of god suffereth violence and the violent take it by force(it doesn’t just fall into the lap). but judgment must begin at the house of God.
    a soldier has a job, to protect the weak. protection is in non effect if violence is excluded.
    yeah, yeah, yeah, as if we didn’t know.
    i hate it when people drive with bad manners, so inconsiderate, adding unnecessary risk, stress, pouring out their fury for others to slip and fall. let them go on; let them hasten to their graves; i will not stay them; they are free to go on around.

    Comment by herb-aceous | December 11, 2008 | Reply

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