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The £10,000 homeopathic challenge!

Following in the footsteps of Randi’s million dollar challenge, a British professor by the name of Edzard Ernst has set up a £10,000 challenge to anyone who can prove that homeopathy works. Apparentley, the professor has run some 200 trials and not even one has shown anything resembling evidence. So we know the prize will go unclaimed until the good professor decides to stop the challenge, which he is bound to eventually. Sooner or later people need to move on to other projects.

Apparently homepoaths are not happy about this.

Homeopaths have reacted with anger to his £10,000 challenge, branding it a publicity stunt and they already had “more than enough proof”.

Yes, except that they get angry when someone asks them, and offers them money, for this “proof”. What kind of bullshit is that?

Dr Robert Mathie, of the British Homeopathic Association, said: “What is needed is more investment in homeopathy research, not facile enticements by scientists who should know better.”

Hey, why don’t they take the free 10,000 pounds and invest it in additional research? That’s no chump change I’ll tell you that much. As of today that amount is worth $19,906. That won’t fund any revolutinary research that’s granted, but it can easily take care of some overhead.

Frederiek Maddock, a homeopath from Crediton, said: “Dr Ernst does not appear to have done his research properly and is very selective in what he decides to believe.

“This is not a very professional way to do this. Whether anyone will take up his challenge is a matter for the homeopathic association.”

I will make a prediction. Even homeopaths are not stupid enough to do it, and even if they did and failed miserably (as expected) they and their followers will fall onto some sort of post-hoc argument and turn a blind eye to the results. Faith is always stronger than the evidence which contradicts it.


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