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Stupid political correctness

A football fan in England was told by a cop to remove an England flag from his car because it could be deemed racist.

Ben Smith, 18, was pulled over for a routine spot check by an officer who inspected his tyres and road tax.

But the labourer was stunned to be told that a St George flag covering his Vauxhall Corsa’s parcel shelf was offensive to immigrants.

Tory MP Philip Davies, who campaigns against political correctness, said: “If this is the case then it is disgusting and totally outrageous and the policeman ought to be ashamed of himself.

“How on earth can it be racist to fly your own flag in your own country?

This is ridiculous, and it’s not the first ridiculous thing coming out of England lately. Just a few days ago I blogged about the 15 year old who got in trouble for holding up a sing calling Scientology a cult. Where is Bill Maher when you need him?

Since when is it a crime to offend someone? I thought England was a free country. I have said this a million times and it seems appropriate to repeat it yet again:


If you own country’s flag could be deemed offensive, what isn’t? No offense to immigrants but if you’ve moved to a country whose flag you cannot stand, then you need to pack up your bags and find yoursefl another county to hate.

By the way, before people start yelling at me, I am an immigrant myself, so I think I am allowed to say such things about immigrants.


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